Manchester [10]

I have now been in Manchester for more than a month! I have been wrapped in an abundance of hospitality and have met many lovely people. Here is a list of facts, phrases, and things I have learned so far about Manchester…

1. When I told people I was going to be living in England for a year, many people replied with, “I hope you come back with a British accent.” Well, so do I! To my surprise, people offen comment on my accent. A few people even referenced the movie ‘Fargo’ when describing my accent. One Sunday, I read the scripture during worship and following the service a man came up to me. He told me that he loved hearing me talk because my English is so clear and crisp. I’ve never received a comment like that before!

2. I don’t think I have gone a day here in England without having a cup of tea. Seriously, I drink loads of tea. I usually drink a cup at breakfast, a cup after morning prayer, a cup mid morning, a cup or two in the afternoon, and one after supper. A cup of tea is referred to as a ‘cuppa.’

3. Lutherans are a rare species.

4. Manchester is known as the rainiest city in England. I try to spend as much time outside when the sun is shinning. Similar to Minnesota, the weather is a common conversation starter. Why is talking about the weather so interesting??

5. ‘You ok?’ Is a common phrase used to ask someone how they are doing.

6. The Manchester Canal runs from Manchester all the way to the Irish Sea.

7. An umbrella is called a brolly and rain boots are called wellies. French fries are called chips and chips are called crisps.

8. Bathrooms are called toliets or the loo. I always get a questionable look when I ask where the bathroom is.

9. My position at St. Chrysostom’s Church is the Parish Assistant. The church is an Anglican denomination associated with the Church of England. I typically work 9am-6pm five times a week. I prepare mass, update social media platforms, serve during worship, spend a day each week with students at a primary school and share a meal and conversations with university students at a student hall near the church.

10. I live with two lovely nuns, Sister Jean Mary and Sister Lynfa. They have helped me settle in and welcomed me with warm open arms. Plus, they tell the best stories. Many evenings are spent together sipping tea and laughing until we cry. They even make homemade wine! Last month I picked wild blackberries in their yard and they made it into delicious wine. Cheers!

[Manchester Canal]
[My New Sisters]
[Blackberry Picking]

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